Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another semester down.....3 to go!!

So Monday and yesterday I had my finals for this last semester (yes, we went to school ALL summer!) I am so excited and feel so relieved that one more semester is over! After this next semester I can get my LPN! Next August is when I will get my RN. ( i am so burnt out right now...i seriously do NOT know how i will make another year) This last year went by pretty fast so Im hoping for another fast one!
Mike and I are living together now and it is no nice!!! He is so amazing. It is so much easier than before when I would go home every 4 days and unpack and repack. We are shooting to have our wedding next September when I am all done with school. We will see... :)
Well thats a quick update on us these days. I know thats pretty much all i do every 3-4 months or so. I seriously think that I have the most BORING blog ever, my apologies. I am looking into buying a camera so I can be fun like everyone else. I still love looking at everyones blogs! If anyone can help spruce mine up while Im on vacation from school I would greatly appreciate that! (Chels, Kristi, sister...anybody!)


The Vigil's said...

Oh i would love to help you! I'm just glad you posted! And thanks again for saturday! Looking back, it that not the funniest thing ever!

Brett, Jenny, and Taylor... said...

I just love it when you post. You need to post more often. I swear it's the only way I keep up on what's going on. Congrats on your schooling! I always wanted to be an Nurse!

Summer Jackson said...

Wow quite the update! Whenever I hear someone use the M word I get a chill down my spine! Glad you are so happy!